Riverside Revitalization Project

Riverside Revitalization Project
Powered by the sun!. Mohr Power Solar, Inc. Based in Corona California, Installs a 81,000 watt system for the City of Riverside Revitalization project.

This is Riverside's first solarized HUD housing project, located on Indiana Avenue. This solar system will be feeding approximately 68,000 plus watts per hour into the Riverside electrical grid. This installation when it becomes available for online display, will have the capability of live / remote system production for viewing on the internet, this feature will be displayed here on this web page.

Project Background:

Riverside Housing Development Corporation (RHDC) is a locally based non profit corporation dedicated to improving and increasing the supply of decent, safe, and affordable housing opportunities available within the community of Riverside County.

RHDC renovates existing blighted or unsafe housing units, as well as developing new affordable housing units, in order to spur greater private investment and interest in renewing distressed neighborhoods.  By transforming blighted, unsafe housing units into beautiful, modern homes, RHDC reserves the downward trends in distressed neighborhoods.

In 1998, Riverside's City Council and Redevelopment Agency approved revitalization of the Indiana Avenue Autumn Ridge Apartments. The project included acquiring the properties; reducing their density, including demolition of some buildings; eliminating a troublesome back alley; making off-street parking areas; and creating green space for visual pleasure, play and relaxation for occupants. Riverside's Board of Public Utilities and electricity-producing photovoltaic panels on the project to reduce energy costs of each tenant.

With the project nearing completion, families now enjoy the result of combined planning for improved surroundings and energy savings. Rather than a source of blight that was infecting its surrounding streets, residents can be proud that the apartment complex is an example of cutting-edge technology and a means to reduce their electric bills. A typical month's energy bill may show a $35-40 savings per unit because of the new photovoltaic panels.

There are two extremely important commitments evident in this project. First, the city is doing its part to improve community life by coordinating efforts to address blighted areas and make a difference. Second, the city is increasing the use of "Green Power", renewable energy from the sun, wind and geothermal energy sources, to reduce pollution. That means cleaner air and reduced energy costs for all.

The outcome is the turnaround of a neighborhood that was suffering into one that is literally a shinning example of the future.


The Riverside public Utilities SUN power Project is having a ribbon cutting.


May 30th, 2003


10:00 AM


Autumn Ridge Apartments - 8911 Indiana Avenue, Riverside California.


* Bruce Kulpa - Executive Director of the Riverside Housing and Development Corporation.

* Ed Adkinson - Riverside City Councilman.

* George Caravalno - Riverside City Manager.

* Francis Baum - President of the Riverside Housing and Development Corporation.

* Jason Gagnon - District Representative for Congressman Ken Calvert.

* Lalit Acharya - Chairman of The City of Riverside Board of Public Utilities.

* Michael Mohr - Founder and President of Mohr Power Solar, Inc.

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