Reduce your Power

Reduce or Eliminate your Electric Bill!

Become energy independent:

That's right! - We will show you how to reduce or eliminate your energy consumption needs and save you 1000's of dollars of unnecessary electric and gas bill's.

Let us show you how to spin your meter backwards - thus saving you lots of money every month.

Mohr Power Solar, Inc. for the last 23 years has given people their energy independence by installing a solar electric systems on their home or place of business.

Reduce or eliminate your electric bills - Spin your meter backwards!

1000's of people have been set free from high energy costs by taking advantage of the California rebate program - Now is the time to let California pay for up to 40% off all your costs including installation.

Your energy independence is just a phone call away!

Of course prices may vary depending on the size and discounts we may apply on your solar electric system at the time of purchase.

Remember, if you are in the Southern California area and want to take advantage of the California rebate program simply contact us.

Estimates are FREE and weekend appointments are available upon request.

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