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The legend of Mohr Power Solar started back in 1962, when research and development of solar energy first evolved. Now on it's third generation, the legacy carries on through the family owned and operated company while presenting High-Tech, cutting-edge technology backed by generations of greater knowledge with genuine charismatic personalities.

Our commitment to you is to provide the best quality system at the best value possible. Solar Power is what we do and it is all we have done for over 27 years. Integrity and craftsmanship are our gifts to you. We will be there to sell, install and stand behind all of our products. We provide the best, most advanced solar products and services available today.

The legacy of Mohr Power is to see through the solar promise to deliver quality equipment and installation with highly trained personell, craftsmanship, integrity and honesty at a fair market value. Mohr Power Solar founded in 1982, packed with over 20 years of solar engineering experience and over 180,000 customers served; continues to lead the industry with our time proven track record of delivering what we promise.

In the future, we look forward to accomplishing things most people only dream of; we want to promote a "Clean Environmentally Safe Energy" to thousands of residences and commercial buildings. Michael Mohr has helped California to revise an improved solar class; helping to improve the quality of future generations of solar contractors. We look forward to surpassing the expectations of other solar companies and utility providers.

Investing In A Cleaner America Is The Most PATRIOTIC ACT

"We have to make tough choices and smart investments today so that, as the economy recovers, the deficits start coming down."
- President Barack Obama, January 8th, 2009;
George Mason University, Virginia

Invest in a cleaner America


America is Going Solar This IS The Answer To
Energy Independence
and Wealth

  • Crude oil prices almost broke America; while foreign countries control our deficit and destiny
  • Solar Energy breeds America's wealth again declaring energy independance and climate change
  • Today's US Solar Energy Investors will recap great investment returns like oil and natural gas
  • Solar Energy is now. Right Now!

PRESIDENT OBAMA has an immediate call to
action to:

  • Reduce reliance on foreign oil
  • Increase alternative energy and create new Green Solar Jobs here in America
  • Reward alternative energy purchases with 30% solar tax credit backed by utility 22% rebates

America has the potential and will continue to be the strongest as well as the fastest energy producing nation in the world

Buy Into a Solar Dealership Now
Mohr Power Solar Can Provide
Everything You Need!

Why Invest in Solar Now?

Reasons To Invest In
Solar Power:

Dealership Territories are
Available Now!

  •  High Return
  • Tax Benefits
  •  High Demand
  • Demand Rising
  •  We can train, market and produce results within months from your investment agreement.
  • Yes there are dealership opportunities all over the country and the best locations are moving fast.  Available to large and small business investors.  Protected territories.
  • Mohr Power can provide everything you need to get started in the solar industry.
  • Step-by-Step tried and proven track record with large satisfied customer base.
  •  U.S. energy needs at a 30 year high
  • Drilling for oil and building nuclear plants will take a toll and takes too long
  • Solar manufacturing and production has advanced and is ready to deal with the challenge right now
  • Solar is a low risk; the fuel from the sun is free and on the  surface we don't have to manufacture or  distribute it
  • Instant payback when financed properly

From a comapny that has served over 180,000 satisfied customers.

"The Fuel From the Sun is FREE"
Michael Mohr,Talk Show Guest and Founder of
Mohr Power Solar

Aggresive Payouts & Return on Investments
Better then other annuities like 401k's, IRA's or High ROI's!

Solar Milestones:

The paradigm shift from fossil fuels to solar
energy is now.
Scientists have proven global warmins is a
modern transformation brought on by man.
Solar energy apperas to be the energy of
choice and has evolved just at the right time
to fill the energy gap.

  • There is no such thing as clean coal
  • There is not enough clean water for


  • Nuclear Fusion will take 15-20 years

This is the paradigm energy shift.  It is
Solar Energy's time to shine; join us as the
Energy Demand shifts toward Mohr Power Solar!

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The Fact of the Matter is...
Mohr Power Solar Supplies:

Predesigned Solar System Packages
through for:

  • Solar Electricity
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Solar Space Heating
  • Solar Pool Heating

Custom superior designs are only
available through Mohr Power Dealership
Networks.  Buy a Dealership Now!

Get Involved
Professional Dealership
Opportunities are Available Now!

  • Buy your own professional Mohr Power      Dealership Territory
  • Join Mohr Power's staff and become a part of one of America's greatest historical solar companies.


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