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"The patron saint of Our Lady of Guadalupe church, St. Francis, would be proud. "

Our Lady of Guadalupe St. Francis Church

in Hermosa Beach, CA

"The Hermosa Beach church recently became the first in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to be completely powered by solar energy - a project undertaken, in part, to honor the legacy of the saint known for his devotion to the environment. "


"After a lengthy bidding process, the church hired Corona-based Mohr Power to install 252 solar panels and 12 inverters that transform sunlight to usable energy. The panels were placed atop the church's adjoining school building, which sits behind the church out of view from the main thoroughfare, Massey Street. "

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Solar Electricity

Become energy independent

That's right! - We will show you how to reduce oreliminate your energy consumption needsand save you 1000's of dollars of unnecessary electric and gas bill's.

     Let us show you how to spin your meter backwards - thus saving you lots of money every month.

      Mohr Power  Solar, Inc. for the last 29 years has given people their energy independence by installing a Southern California solar electric systems on their home or place of business.

     1000's of people have been set free from high energy costs by taking advantage of the California rebate program - Now is the time to let California pay for up to 40% of all your costs including installation.

     Your energy independence is just a phone call away! Of course prices may vary depending on the size and discounts we may apply on your solar electric system at the time of purchase.

Solar Pool Heating

Why Heat Your Pool With Solar?



The increasing cost of burning fossil fuels to warm your pool is completely eliminated



Our full warranty, including labor and freezing, allows you to enjoy your pool with total assurance and confidence long after the warranty on conventional heaters have expired.




On-going maintenance costs become practically non-existent due to Heliocol's rugged design and reliability.


Your solar system provides safe, clean energy without

burning fossil fuels or polluting our air. SAFETY - Dangerous pilot lights, volatile fuels, and corrosive metals are completely eliminated when you heat with solar.

Solar Hot Water

Why Heat your Water with Solar?

   Domestic hot water heating is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of starting your energy independence.

   Hot water heating accounts for up to ¼ of the average US household’s energy usage.

   By installing a Southern California solar domestic hot water heating system you can reduce your hot water heating bill by up to 95%.

   Remember the fuel from the sun is FREE, so instead of using fossil fuels, solar domestic hot water systems emit no pollutants or greenhouse gases.

   Solar commercial hot water systems have been around since the 1800’s, but World War II put a hault to production and installation.

   Find out more today and see what Mohr Power Solar can do for your water heating needs!


Solar Power

The Legacy

      The legacy of Mohr Power is to see through the solar promise to deliver quality equipment and installation with highly trained craftsmanship, integrity and honesty at a fair market value. Also to save the planet with cost effective solar equipment is reducing world pollution, one customer at a time. MohrPower has a time proven track record of delivering what they promise. Mohr Power Solar has performed more service calls and has one of the largest bases of satisfied customers in Solar History. We were the first solar service and solar panel repair company serving over 180,000 systems for all the different manufacturers throughout Southern California. One of the most concentrated areas for Solar systems in the world is Southern California.

The Commitment

     Our commitment to you is to provide the best quality system at the best value possible.  Solar power is what we do and

it is all we have ever done for over 27 years. Integrity and craftsmanship

is our gift to you. We will be there to sell, install and stand behind all of our products. We provide the best, most advanced solar products and services available today.
Sales, Service and Installation since 1982.

We cover everywhere from San Diego to Apple Valley, from Los Angeles to Palm Springs and MORE!